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Valentine's Day Love Baskets for the Girls

Pssst! I love Dollar Tree! There I said it! I'm a fanatic... I can't go a week without popping into the dollar store - Okay, don't laugh but I even watch Dollar Tree Hauls on Youtube! I just love it!⁠

Their stock is always fun and creative and consistently revolving and they seem to keep up with the trends way better than any other dollar store I know. Plus, EVERYTHING is $1.25 ($1 in the US) so we just can't beat that, eh! ⁠

That's why I decided to create the girls love baskets solely from Dollar Tree! I spent a whopping $15 on each basket and the girls are going to swoon!⁠

Let's take a peek! I Included the gold wire baskets that they can use again and again, new heart sunnies and a mermaid pen with a charm... I mean, come oooon! Too cute! I also included a Jumbo Barbie colouring book, a soft bow headband, a unicorn & sloth frame decor for their walls, jelly beans, a kinder egg and candy sticks and the sweetest heart trinket box for their bedside tables! ⁠

I still remember waking up on Valentine's morning to a special gift from my mom and I'm so happy to continue this tradition for my girls! ⁠

Happy Love day babes!


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