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Topaz & Citrine Etsy Gift Guide | Prim & Popping Faves

Some say Topaz, some say citrine... some yellow, some orange but we all know the beauty of the golden shades that November's birthstone holds! The lucky bunch in November (that's me!) can choose between the two sunny gemstones to brighten up the cooler months!

Are you a November baby? Do you prefer citrine or topaz? Let me know! :)

Resources & Links

• Clicking on each description below will take you directly to where it's from on Etsy! •

1. November yellow topaz Gemstone Wall Art Print

2. Topaz Roll-On Perfume

3. Raw Citrine Crystal Stud Earrings

4. Topaz Birthstone Canvas Pouch

5. Geode Bath Bombs

6. November Birth Flower Gift In A Matchbox

7. Topaz Teardrop Necklace Pendant

8. Lady of November Goddess Pin

9. Citrine Soap Gems

10. 7PCS Orange Topaz Crystal Set

11. November Birthstone Necklace

12. November Birthstone Mug

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