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Strawberry Gift Guide | Prim & Popping Faves

I feel like strawberry goodies are everywhere right now and I love it BERRY much! The pretty red and pink colour combo of the fruit make for such sweet little gifts. I've sourced a few strawberry items that I love and think you may too! You can shop all my picks by clicking on each item listed below . I hope you have a berry-licious day!

Resources & Links

• Clicking on each description below will take you directly to where it's from •

  1. Sugarfina Summer Strawberries

  2. Strawberry Rancher Hat

  3. Strawberry Flower Garland

  4. Strawberry Drying Stand

  5. Strawberry Charm

  6. Strawberry Night Light

  7. Strawberry Ring Float

  8. Strawberry Red Juicy Tubes Original Lip Gloss

  9. Strawberry iPhone Case

  10. Strawberry Purse

  11. Strawberry Stickers

  12. Strawberry Pound Cake 3-wick Candle

  13. Peller Family Vineyards Rosé

  14. Strawberry Shaped Mason Jar Tumbler

  15. Strawberry T-shirt

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