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Schitts Creek Gift Guide | Prim & Popping Faves

Oh my gosh! If you haven't hopped on the Schitts Creek train, Now. Is. The. Time! It's on Netflix and it's the perfect pep we need while in quarantine! Ew.

Its belly busting funny with a dash of true love. The hilarious dialog is what truly makes it the best Canadian sitcom I've ever seen.

Best wishes & warmest regards,


1. What Would David Rose (Alexis Rose, Moira Rose) Do? Art Print

2. Ew David! Mug

3. Stop Acting Like a Disgruntled Pelican Cross Stitch Kit

4. Love That Journey For Me Sticker

5. Ew, David Handstamped Hexagon Keychain

6. Wild Aloof Rebel Sweatshirt

7. Schitt's Creek Saint Candle Set

8. It's My Turn To Take A Selfish Pin

9. A Little Bit Alexis Makeup and Accessory Pouch

10. Schitty parody Adult Coloring Book

11. Schitt's Creek Pencil Set

12. Moira Rose Bebe Card

13. Fold In the Cheese apron

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