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Custom & Personalized Gift Guide | Prim & Popping Faves

The holiday season has come to an end, so let the hibernation has begin! ...Oh, NO you still have your mother-in-law's birthday next week, your nephews baptism in a month and Grandma Betty's retirement get-together on Saturday!

DON'T MOVE, Prim & Popping has you covered! I sourced out amazing Canadian gifts from Etsy sellers that you're going to love! They are truly perfect for that special someone. Customized and personalized for that added special touch.

Resources & Links

• Clicking on each description below will take you directly to where it's from •

1. Personalized Kitchen Apron

2. Personalized Pressed Flower Monogram Necklace

3. Personalized Family Portrait

4. Personalized Bookmark

5. Personalized Doormat

6. Personalized Wooden Book Stack

7. Personalized Floral Resin Keyring

8. Personalized Water Bottle

9. Personalized Heart Phone Case

10. Personalized Wood Name Puzzle

11. Personalized Wooden Gift Box

12. Personalized Nutella Spoon

13. Personalized Unicorn Name Mug

14. Personalized Cutting Board

15. Personalized Coasters

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