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Boho Vibes Gift Guide | Prim & Popping Faves

I am in love with boho vibes and I am in love with shopping local! It's become somewhat of an obsession and hunt! Ever since I moved to Simcoe County I am consistently blown away by the talent I'm surrounded with! I absolutely love it and I just HAD to share with you some of these amazing creations! Take a peek and let me know if you're loving them too.

Resources & Links

• Clicking on each description below will take you directly to where it's from •

1. Daisy Nursery Art Print Set

2. Mustard Blush Almond Pompom Garland

3. Rainbow Wall Hangings

4. Daisy & Sunset Top Knot Headbands

5. Woven Wall Art

6. Basket Hanger Cookies

7. Mama & Mini bracelets

8. Connection Seekers Short Sleeve T-shirt

9. Vanilla Dough

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