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You're Invited!

Starting your own business means wearing many hats but it definitely doesn't mean you're going to be great at every task! That being said, blogging is quite difficult for me (being completely honest with you!) I absolutely LOVE the concept of it and oddly enough, I am a pretty organized and scheduled person but for some reason I just can't keep on... keeping on a blog!

I feel it is such an important tool for any business to share and engage with their customers and reader so with that I'm going to start a new blog post for you called "You're Invited" where every Tuesday I'll share party & wedding invitations with you! Some designed by Prim & Popping and other fabulous designers as well!

Let's get the ball rolling with this lovely Bridal Shower invite!

This Parisian themed invite was definitely my cup of tea! Stripes, floral, gold & pretty script font.. what more could a girl want in an invitation!? The challenging part was to come up with a creative way to have the shower be a "gift card" shower; meaning the bride & groom preferred gift cards as opposed to wrapped gifts because they were travelling from out of town. I think we nailed it on the head by saying this adorable rhyme...

Since travelling such a distance with gifts is quite hard; we really would appreciate a gift card!

It's clear, to the point and helps the guests too!

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