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Since tomorrow is National Mint Julip day and we love celebrating National cocktail days over here... I thought, why not create a printable that I could use for the "holiday" but it could also be used for a "Mint To Be" themed Bridal Shower!

See it here on Etsy!


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For the love of coffee and teachers!! School is almost out for the summer! Make sure to show your children's teachers how much you appreciate them with these gift card holders! Let's be honest, they'd probably prefer to start their summer off with a gift card for some java instead of a handmade popsicle stick diorama! You can instantly download ALL FOUR STYLES on Etsy!



#etsy #printable #coffee #giftcardholder

I'm going to be honest with ya'll (can I say that if I'm not Southern?) Anyway, I'm a "Housewives" junkie, there I said it. I love them all and I can't get enough! So, as I was watching the RHONY this morning I was definitely inspired by their lifestyle! Imagine... heading to the Hampton's every weekend, HAHA oh my. Well, I thought... let's bring some of that lifestyle into ours, so obviously I created these adorable cocktail drink stirs! I will definitely be putting them into my pina colada this weekend!

For more lovely Hampton's style umbrella colours, check out my Etsy listing here!


#etsy #printable #drinkstirs #umbrella #hamptons #cocktail

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