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I was so excited when I was asked to create a "Ring Themed" engagement party! Using the bride & grooms cranberry and gold wedding colours, I was given creative freedom!! How amazing is that!?

It was an outdoor affair and thankfully the rain held off. Rain and paper goods... don't mix!

Check it more photos here!!

#Engagement #RingTheme

I'm not sure if I could live without... shoes, NO, focus! I wouldn't be able to live without dollar stores! Maybe that sounds silly however, I love finding new ways where I can save a buck! Weddings & parties add up quick but you can't forget to thank you guests with a little gift; so why not create them for less?!

Welcome to Prim & Popping's blog series called Penny-Pinching Goodies! Every week, I'll create new dollar store favours for all kinds of celebrations for you to do yourself (DIY) or purchase at as you see it or customized. How cool is that!?

#seeds #favours #dollarstorediy

Here's to another bright and fabulous week! Summer isn't over yet and I have just the thing to brighten up your next party theme! Bright Pastels... I'm in looooove! This colour inspiration makes me so happy, it's all my favourte colours - enhanced! Let's keep this happiness going, I'm not ready for fall colours just yet!!

Inspiration board photo credits: Paint | Wall Art | TableScape | Party | Art | Donuts

#colour #inspiration #party #brightpastel

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